Welcome to this site - this is meant to be a resource for genealogists young and old, experienced or brand new. Browse around and see what you can find of interest.  Check out the latest...Remembering the People of Shelby Township: Exploring the Pleasant View Cemetery (Last names A - L).  Available to order now at BECHS.

We have been volunteering at the Blue Earth County Historical Society in Mankato, Minnesota since we moved here in June 2003.  I have completed several indexing projects including the Blue Earth County Will Index.  My current project is rewalking all Blue Earth County cemeteries with my team.  The resulting books are created as a fundraiser for Blue Earth County Historical Society and all proceeds over printing costs are donated to BECHS.  The Blue Earth County Cemeteries were last transcribed in 1987-1990.  The previous transcriptions do not contain people that were buried since then.  The new books feature not only the cemetery transcription to easily locate the grave but also include driving directions to the cemetery.   Biographical information is included for most people that are buried in the cemetery that have a tombstone and people who were buried in the cemetery that currently have no tombstone (whether they never had one or it no longer exists), if I was able to document their burial in the cemetery.  If you have documentation that a person is buried in a cemetery that has been updated, please present a copy of the published item and a note about the missed person to the Blue Earth County Historical Society, so that a correction can be made in future editions.  Digital photos for each tombstone are available for purchase.  Contact BECHS for details.  -  Corey.

~Who we are~ 

We are amateur genealogists - regular everyday people who are fascinated with the history of everyday people. We believe that by uncovering the history of those that came before us we can better understand their lives, and our connections to them. We view every genealogy hunt -whether it is research, a cemetery walk, sifting through archives in county and state courthouses, or identifying almost forgotten landmarks in old photographs as treasure hunts.

What we provide on this site - and what we get out of it...

On this site we provide resources - information, links and fascinating genealogical tidbits absolutely free of charge. We don't sell anything on this website, but we do list links to other sites that sell genealogical products. So, what do we get out of this? We get the satisfaction of helping you find more information, and connect with your past.

Updated on 20 February 2016



The Blue Earth County Historical Society

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